Unique & Customized Products and Programs

E-Stand is proud to offer its clients unique and personalized programs that fit their every need. With today’s challenging economic climate, consumers (or customers) are much more selective in their spending decisions. Discretionary spending requires more convincing.
However The Next Success believes that gearing towards the right markets and having the ability to personalize its product for a particular segment of the market can be extremely beneficial.



The E-STAND laptop tables come in a wide variety of standard colors. Nevertheless, we won’t limit ourselves to these colors alone. If there is a particular color that is desirable to you or your customers, we can adjust to your need and produce that color product for YOU.


Schools & Sports Teams
These days, it’s hard to find students around a university campus without his or her laptop. College students are always busy and on the go, whether it is to study, work or just have a good time! Laptops have become an essential facet of the college lifestyle. Imagine customizing the laptop tables to the particular school colors, and on top of that adding the school logo above. Show your school spirit with E-STAND!
Want to show off your pride for your favorite team all year round? E-STAND products can be customized with professional team colors and logos as well. Show off the purple and gold colors of the Los Angeles Lakers or the blue and white colors of the Dallas Cowboys. You’ve got the team, we’ve got the product!


Worldwide Causes
The Next Success holds dear to their heart many different causes that affect millions of people each year. Currently E-STAND has two products that are specifically generated for Cancer research. E-STAND’s LD-05N and LD-09 have both been custom made for a special Pink Cancer edition. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to various charities for the battle to end cancer. The Next Success will also turn its attention to other charities and foundations such as the fight against Aids.
If your company or customers want to support a certain organization, foundation or cause, we can help. You have the ability to choose any color you want or need, and place the specific logo on top. E-STAND cares!


Don’t want to sell these items? Why not use them as promotional gifts. Customize our products with your company’s colors and logo and give them away as promo items. What’s a better way of saying thank you to someone by giving them a free gift. Except it does not stop there. Your company logo will be placed right on the product, meaning every time they use the product, your logo will be in their face! It’s a win-win situation.


What are you waiting for?

The Next Success has unique programs and customizations that are for everyone. Whether you are a Mom n’ Pop type of store or a big box retailer, E-STAND has got what you need. Support your local team or school, fight against the problems that affect our lives. Be part of something new and exciting. Be who you want to be! Customize however you’d like and be proud. The potential is there, jump on the opportunity!